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Vedic Jyotish follows Indian astrology. Vedic yagyas are performed according to the rituals mentioned in Veda. According to "Brihat Parashara hora shastra" The progress and development of the people and the creation are all under the authority and administration of the planets". Each and every part of human physiology and life are the part of the cosmic physiology represented by Grahas, (planets) Rashis (Signs) and Nakshatras (Stars). Lagna (Ascendant) is also very important aspect in Indian Astrology. There are 9 Grahas (planets), 12 Rashis-Lagnas (Signs-Ascendants) 27 Nakshtras (Stars) namely:

9 Grahas 12 Rashis 27 Nakshtras
Su = Surya = Sun Mesha = Aries 1.Ashwini 2. Bharani
Ch = Chandra = Moon Vrishabha= Taurus 3. Krittika 4. Rohini
Ma = Mangala = Mars Mithun= Gemini 5.Mrigashira 6. Ardra
Bu = Budh = Mercury Karka = Cancer 7. Punarvasu 8. Pushya
Gu = Guru = Jupiter Simha = Leo 9. Ashlesha 10. Magha
Sk = Shukra =Venus Kanya = Virgo 11.Poorvaphalguni 12.Uttaraphalguni
Sa = Shani = Saturn Tula = Libra 13. Hasta 14. Chitra
Ra = Rahu = Ascending lunar node Vrischika = Scorpio 15. Swathi 16. Vishakha
Ke = Ketu = Descending lunar node Dhanu = Sagittarius 17. Anuradha 18. Jyeshtha
Makara = Capricorn 19. Moola 20. Poorvashadha
Kumbha = Aquarius 21. Uttarashadha 22. Shravana
Meena = Pisces 23. Dhanishtha 24. Shatabhisha
25. Poorvabhadra 26. Uttarabhadra

These Grahas, Rashis and Nakshatras play a very important role in human life. The prediction is done on the basis of placement of planets, birth ascendants, birth signs and stars. Prediction is done by knowing a person's moon sign, which gives accurate prediction when compared with sun sign. To know moon sign of a person, exact birth time is very important. Birth chart is prepared by knowing person's Birth date, Birth time and Birth place. Planets cast both positive and negative influences on person's life. Positive influences bring developments and progresses on the other hand the negative influences will bring losses, disharmony, obstacles etc. Our team consists of scholar astrologers who predicts, and Pandits to perform the yagyas (Vedic rituals). Astrologers prepare horoscope (Birth chart) by knowing person's Birth Date, Birth Time and Birth Place. It is purely based on Indian Astrology, which has scientific prediction. By examining the horoscope our astrologers can predict when the future events and trends will occur. Predictions are also made on families, companies groups etc. The negative influences of planets can be neutralized and positive influences of planets can be enhanced by performing Vedic yagyas. Our team has scholar Vedic Pandits to perform yagyas according to Vedic method. Yagyas are performed for various reasons, like to obtain good health, wealth, prevent losses in business, to prevent obstacles in progress, to get strong emotional stability, good progress of the company or group, harmony in married life, improvement of business, for spiritual progress, for mental peace and many more. By examining the horoscope, astrologers recommend yagyas, considering the expressed desires of the individual for the improvement in specific aspect of life. If the influences approaching are not favourable yagya performance will generate particular life-supporting influences to neutralize it. Suppose the influence approaching is favourable, yagya performance will enhance good future. Vedicage organization has other facilities like Muhurta (finding favourable time), Birthday yagya performance, Birth time rectification, and yagya performance on divine days. Dear friends you have a wonderful facility to make your happy, peaceful and satisfied life possible!