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Know your nature - according to moon sign

MESHA (Aries): You are active and ambitious person. You are bold, courageous and impressive. You are confident, enterprising with high aims and also liberal by heart. You want to be on the top of the affair/matter and want to lead others. You act upon according to your own decision and judgment. You have good executive ability. You have uncompromising spirit. You are capable of making changes quite often. Though you are of good and gentle native but when things are unfavorable to you or your expectation, you become little aggressive. You always desire to implement your ideas as quickly as possible. Your attitude for life is very optimistic you like to take up fresh ventures before you have finished the one in hand. You are advised to lessen your impulsiveness and changeable moods so that you may be capable of amassing wealth. You are a good lover and have a charm that fascinates others. You are of good nature and humorous but sometimes circumstances will make you jealous of others.

VRISHABHA (Taurus): You possess great endurance and patience. You go angry only when you are provoked and irritated. You have conservative nature. You have strong will power. You have good ability that you don't waste your energy and don't act in impulsive manners. You take full advantage when opportunities come to you. Sometimes you will become lazy and self-indulgent. You are fond of eating good food and enjoyment. You have more fascination for money and worldly matters. You are ambitions and cheerful. You are steadfast in your love. You are fond of music, art, cinema, drama, etc. You accumulate and hoard money. You are cautious in spending money. Your domestic life is stable and happy.

MITHUNA (Gemini): You are intelligent and have imaginative mind. You are carefree and joyous. You are versatile, restless and like change very often. You are good reader and fond of writing. You have remarkable capacity to adapt yourself to any circumstances. Frequent traveling is possible in your life. You don't take decision quickly. Because of your changeable mood you follow more than one occupation at a time. You possess the capabilities to understand, analyze and quickly grasp things. You have good retentive power and reproduction ability. You are cautious and eager to know new thing. You give beneficial and proper decision to others but you feel problem for taking it for yourself. You take decisions after considering pros and cons of the situation. You would not believe others easily so you would not get good support from others but would not face deceiving.

KARKA (Cancer): You have remarkable ability for changeable life. Your imagination is fertile. You are often emotional and over-sensitive. Your attitude is sympathetic. Sometimes you are timid and sometimes you are courageous and bold enough. Your social life is good and you are able to achieve honors and wealth. Sometimes you suddenly get angry and soon you cool down. You have remarkable memory. You are fond of home, family comforts. Generally your later part of life will be prosperous. You are fond of traveling. You are steadfast in your life. You should learn to take decision quickly otherwise you may miss the bus. You have fascination for money and like to hoard money.

SIMHA (Leo): You are noble, magnanimous and generous and of royal nature. You take interest in helping others and in the service of humanity. You have good organizing capacity and become the head. You are fair in your views and advice. You want to be treated justified and deal with the others also justified. You are ambitious and brilliant. You are of boasting nature. You like pomp and show. You are obstinate and firm in your thinking and attitude. Though you seek advises from others but you act upon according to your judgment and stick to your decision. Your anger is short lived. You are extravagant and liberal to spending money. You have liking for gambling and speculation.

KANYA (Virgo): You are fond of making changes quite often. You are very conscientious and have the ability to handle every unfavorable situation. You are careful, systematic, practical but biased you have not very strong will power. You are fond of saving and hoarding money. You have commercial or professional bent of mind, and want to become rich as quickly as possible. Your decision making power is not very fast and strong.

TULA (Libra): You have good intellectual power. Before expressing your views, you weigh (analyze) the merit and the demerit of the subject. You are considered and respected as constructive critic. You are reasonable and balanced, modern and gentle. You believe and want to live happy harmonious life. Your motto is peace. You want peace even if you are looser in transaction. Though you lose temper quickly but cool down soon. You like change in the life and environment. You earn reputation in society. You have a spirit of sacrifice. You have fertile imagination, correct intuition, brilliant, intellect, refinement and pleasant nature. You have great humanitarian instincts. You take more interest in spiritualism than materialism. You are fond of good dresses and other comforts. Your married and domestic life will bring sometimes some problems but in general it will be very good.

VRISCHIKA (Scorpio): You are of deterministic nature and face the obstacles boldly and more forward. You have an uncompromising spirit. You have fertile imagination. You are intelligent. You are an emotional person. You possess remarkable intuitive powers. You are courageous, impulsive and resolute. You are very selective in your likes and dislikes. You are sometimes extremists. You are self-made. You have practical business and sometimes you are quite reckless and careless. You take great interest in occult sciences and spiritual experiments. You have gentle and good nature but sometimes you have very harsh tongue and may become selfish also. You have the tendency not to forget who has deceived you.

DHANU (Sagittarius): You are bold and courageous. You are ambitious and having high aspirations. You face adverse circumstances boldly and intelligently. You have good self-confidence. You are energetic, enthusiastic and vigorous. You do not take very quick decision and do not have that power. You love truth and have interest in spirituality. You are the person of principles. You are fond of traveling. You have a very good intuitive power. You may think of yourself very much sometimes. Sometimes you will make promises with no intention of keeping them.

MAKARA (Capricorn): You are thoughtful, prudent, and reasonable and practical minded. You are systematic, slow, steady, and patient in your approaches. You have professional bent of mind. You come to quick decision often making due consideration. You have high tolerance power. You have good and special organizing ability. Sometimes you become less optimistic. You are honest, sincere and reliable. You are conservative by nature. You don't care for difficulties and obstacles and continue to work till the success is achieved. You are good hard worker and by this you strengthen your position.

KUMBHA (Aquarius): You are intelligent enough and see the pros and cons of anything and then take any decision. You can't be carried away by flattering. You easily handle things with ease and confidence. You have a remarkable ability of having broad vision and also have human understanding to a greater extent. You are unselfish and you do lot of things for the sake of others. Sometimes you are of reserve nature and you keep yourself isolated from others. You have great love for moral values. You have remarkable and wonderful intuition capacity and the ability of introspection (prudence). You are a man of principles and stick to your principles at any cost. You prefer to live in lonely place and have a great interest for deep meditation. You sincerely and persistently perform your job and undertakings. You have specific likes and dislikes.

MEENA (Pisces): The quality of your nature is philosophy. You are highly imaginative and strong minded. You are honest, humane and helpful to others. You strongly believe in forget and forgive spirit. You are liberal and generous hearted and sometimes you become over liberal and over generous, which may create obstacles in your progress. You enjoy in spending money to help others and on charitable causes. You are also capable and making changes in your ideas, planning and changes in profession also. You have great interest for spiritualism and for occult science.